that photoset…will i ever stop asking peter jackson ‘why’…

  1. Track: Edge of Night
  2. Artist: Billy Boyd
  3. Album: LotR
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I maintain that this is one of the most beautiful, haunting songs I have ever heard… and yet I hardly see anyone singing the praises of Billy Boyd. So here is an appreciation post for him. You have a lovely voice, sir.

EDIT: I’ve learned from many of you since posting this that Mr. Boyd actually wrote the melody to this song himself. One more reason to appreciate his amazing talent! Thank you to those who taught me something new. ^_^

Billy Boyd as Pippin Took

Well, i’m crying.

noooo i canttttt

❝There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.❞
Samwise Gamgee, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (via wild-earth)
Anonymous said:
Could you please do Merry in #14? Or Pippin in #34?


god bless you anon



Anonymous said:
I know you mostly do hobbits, but Gimli in 99? Otherwise, Pippin in 65?


like i said i was useless with 65 but here is gimbli. palaceofposey's design cause i don't have one yet and honestly, who needs another one when you have that one


Aaaaaaand I can’t stop. One more. 

D. B. Woodside as Boromir and, once again, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Faramir.


this just isn’t going to be worked on any more so here’s the mostly-finished product. this pic was one of those lost in the ridiculous overwriting-of-the-file of march of this year. i just so happened to have caught the lined version on a livestream recording so i had something to draw over but all of my colors and patterns were gone and this is as far as i got in the remake

ANYWAY baby hobs. frodo takes good care of their cousins, but you can really sense that merry is getting ready to run off with his poor unsuspecting took cousin and leave the bagginses to debate whether or not to go after them


Merry: confused awe

Frodo: confused awe

Sam: confused awe

Pippin: finally I’m getting the respect i deserve from these peasants 



so in LOTR’s appendices it says that legolas eventually builds a boat and takes gimli across the seas and into the west, the gray havens. you know, the place arwen isn’t allowed to go because she’s in love with a human dude bUT LEGOLAS (AKA ‘YOU LITTLE SHIT’) JUST SAYS “FUCK IT” AND SNEAKS GIMLI INTO THE GODDAMN UNDYING LANDS LIKE CONTRABAND TWIZZLERS INTO A MOVIE THEATER

best literary analysis ever